DC By Night

The Cadaver Hive

Frankie is a bit weary of Doyle Finchner after spending the night at the stockyard.
Trent is contacted by his sire and rejects her. “Fireball” also completes his assignment to verify that The Fanum is more than it appears.
Trent asks to get into contact with Khalid while Frankie pursues the possibility of getting Tiffany and Mary to Baltimore where it may be safer and out of DC.

The Hospital is attacked as well as the Airport.
Plans are made to launch an attack on the Fanum but are cut short when the Succubus club falls under attack for a second time.


Hi Tim,
Maybe I misspoke, but Marty is trying to get into contact with Prince Lodin, not Khalid.

The Cadaver Hive

That’s right. I remember now Marty told Brenan wants an audience with The Prince.

Frankie wants to get in touch with the Prince of Baltimore.

………It must have been Trent who asked the Nosferatu Kurt to get in touch with his Sire for him, and to let Khalid know that he (Trent) wants a private conversation.

The Cadaver Hive

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