DC By Night

Session 18- Sabbat Games

The Sabbat Recruiting Team

Sabbat insidiosi pack

The Kimballs learn more than they wanted to ever know and kept their humanity intact….but all eyes are on Marty. Marty sarcrificed himself for his family and became the only one to go through the creation rites. Even in his hunger, Marty drank from the Valderie when Bobby (who became tired of Fankie’s bossing) presented the chalice to Marty.
After hearing tips from Tabitha and N. Laurent about the new biker gang in town, Wynn’s archon TR. Pieter van Dorn arrived just in time to save the Kimballs from themselves. He had been able to put two and two together and realized the Kimballs may be in trouble. Alas, Pieter paid a price for his assistance when the statue head he aquired from the SCP Foundation did not work quite has he anticipated. While also earning the wrath of the Nosferatu elder N. Khalid.



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