SABBAT TRa. Brooke

Clan Tremere antitribu and Trent's Sire


With her Dyed Red Hair and cursed marking her as a Sabbat for all other Tremere to see, she is sure to stand out in a crowd.


Originaly from New Jersy. Her interest in the occult as a wiccan, and practice of rudimentary hedge magic, led to her eventual embrace into Clan Tremere.
When her coterie was destroyed on a botched hunt for Sabbat members, she became the lone survivor once surviving the creation rites and becaming a member of the sabbot herself.

In DC, she and fellow pack members sought out an underground Setite in DC named “The Prophet” to enhance their knowledge of the DC Kindred and their power structure. Brooke gave the blood trader her vitae for this information. Unknowingly, this vitae would later be used by a Toreador named Dieter Kleist to embrace his girlfriend’s brother Trent Kimball in order to bring the family closer together.

Brooke would eventually meet her Progeny, who had since become accepted into Clan Tremere, when the Sabbat Bishop felt that Trent and his fellow enbraced family members would make fine additions into the Sabbat sect themselves.

SABBAT TRa. Brooke

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