Chaplain Seamus Keane

Bethesda Hospital Chaplin


Elderly and slightly hard of hearing. Seamus is 5’9" and around 170 pounds.


Seamus Keane was born in the town of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland in 1949. He is currently 65 years old. He was raised Catholic and has always felt a unique bond with the divine. Since his youth, he has always been interested in history, specifically early Greek and Roman history, and even elected to learn Latin as his language elective in high school. His summer reading would be Homer and Plato, and he became versed in the mythology. While in high school, “The Troubles” between the nationalists and the unionists began, and soon escalated. After graduation, not wanting to choose sides, and to avoid the danger and the discrimination against Catholics, he emigrated to the United States in 1968, and fell into the Hippie culture. It’s message of Peace and Love and inclusion (the opposite of the hate and bigotry in Northern Ireland) was attractive to him. But its undiscipline and lack of focus gnawed at him. Then, after seeing Jesus Christ Superstar, his life changed and he entered the seminary.

While at the seminary, he was able to indulge and exercise his interest in ancient cultures. He quickly picked up ancient Greek, and even learned ancient Arabic and German (in addition to honing his knowledge of Latin). He studied and translated ancient manuscripts for the church for many years and soon was familiar with much of the old rites. Rites that are now just superstition. Not only did he study Catholic texts, but also other faith’s and culture’s text. He is knowledgeable in Protestant, Jewish, Islamic beliefs, and even some Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

So when an opening for a chaplain at the Bethesda Hospital came about, his superior thought he would be an ideal candidate and transferred him.

One year later, much has changed for Seamus, while much has also stayed the same. He continues to devote his life as a servant to God the creator, by bringing comfort and caring for the patients at Bethesda Hospital. However now he does it as “An Inmate”. Adjudicated as criminally insane for the act of murder, he is detained as a permanent resident within the Geriatric Psyche unit. Having no recollection of the events he has been accused of, he felt he had no choice but accept the diagnosis of dementia with psychosis that he had been labeled with. The court appointed a legal Guardian, Isabelle Hammond, for Seamus finding him to lack capacity to make his own decisions. And while Mrs. Hammond appears to be a kind women, Seamus tries not to resent not being able to make his own decisions and is confused by her sudden interest in helping him.
He fully understands that the general public does to grasp to threat of the undead that he has come to strongly believe in for some unknown reason,. His faith and devotion has grown greatly while incarcerated, believing that through his mortal suffering he has become closer to Christ. Seamus’s fever pitch preaching and apostatizing about the corrupt and hidden supernatural evils of the world have grown more passionate over the year and while others may mock his believes as delusional, his sincerity and kindness towards others are found endearing by others. This has made Seamus an extremely popular with both the other patients and staff alike.
Seamus has begun to look forward to the large regiment of psychoactive medication and pain killers that he receives daily and this makes him uncomfortable. God will have to forgive him.

Chaplain Seamus Keane

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