M. Colt McCoy



Extremely steady hands despite the bum knee that causes him to walk with a limp at times. Especially when the weather gets cold.

Ex Secret Service Agent and Vampire Hunter


Colt is not the same man he was a year ago. His eyes are open to corruption, horrors and supernatural in the world that would make a lesser man crumble.
After the incidents that occurred at Bethesda Hospital, Colt was quickly sought out by a group of “special division” secret service officials that took him under their wing before Colt got in over his head with supernatural far more powerful than he. Through the younger Helsing, whom also was involved in the incident of a year ago, Colt also became connected to a branch of the famous inquisition who also hunted the supernatural.
On the advise from other hunters, to show restraint for ones safety, and that of their comrades, Colt agonizingly stood by as he watched Seamus Keene take the fall for the murders at Bathesda and get locked up at the asylum itself. It was even more terrifying for him to discover that neither Father Seamus or Rory remembered him or the events that took place that sunny Sunday afternoon one year ago. Colt knew that a greater power was at hand manipulating the situation and that his former companions were going to need his help. Dr. Walker also aware of the danger they faced promised Colt to watch over Rory and Father Seamus the best he could as a medical director at the hospital.
In Colt’s investigation the trail picked up once a Mrs. Walter Hammond, with no prior connection Seamus Keene, come out of the woodwork to become his court appointed legal Guardian. Poor Chaplian Keene was deemed unfit mentally to stand trial, and with the court’s and Mrs. Hammonds oversight, was incarcerated in the very Hospital that he worked and were the murders took place.
With Mrs Hammonds forced assistance, Colt and his band of hunters discovered that another Vampire named William Shaw was behind the coverup at Bethesda, and controlling The Hammonds as well. Walter Hammond being the former president of the Smithsonian institute , and current member of the board still held considerable influence at the institute. Will Shaw in fact was observed to be found stalking around The Hammonds ocean front property as well as the Smithonian collection buildings. With enough persuasion, Mrs. Hammond was eventually able to overcome her spell and give up Will Shaws location in the sewers as well.
With this knowledge, Colt, other hunters from the secret service, and the Helsing father and son went on the offensive and attacked Will to break the Vampire’s control over the Hammonds, Rory and Seamus. Unfortunately for the band of hunters, they found out that they were being followed too late when a secondary explosion occurred traping them with Will. Will managed to be destroyed but not before he frenzied and destroyed a fellow agent and the younger Helsing. They had been caught in a trap and it was two days later before the group on the verge of dehydration, managed to free themselves with the help of the explosives that they themselves had brought.
Colt has since forgiven the Hammonds for their betrayal, understanding that they are just pawns under some sot of control just as Seamus and Rory were…or are. And while Mrs. Hammond insists that with Will’s death in the sewers that she feels free of control, he is doubtful. For now, he feels the best policy is to wait and listen, eventually those responsible for blowing up the sewers will expose themselves.
Colt realizes that he gets older while his sworn enemy’s do not and time is not on his side. The recent attack on the trendy local Succubus Club and other freak occurrences In the city greatly worries Colt that something very very bad is about to go down. But it also provides Colt hope that his chance for revenge may soon be at hand.

M. Colt McCoy

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