ZZZ Dr. Jacob Kotch, PHD

Wraith, Ex- Forensic Research Director at Bethesda Institute prior to his disappearance


Hi Everyone. I thought this might help explain some of the events from our last session. I know the characters were left in the dark a bit, with sort of an invisible hand guiding them through the last story, so I thought it benificial to give a different perspective within the story. Without giving anything away that would effect future playing

Has developed the power to be seen in the “Skin Lands” (Mortal Realm). Although often it is easier to be transparent and lacking details.

He appears as a younger man…around the time of his wedding. A more attractive version of himself.


Married, living in Bethesda Maryland, with a young Toddler and a baby on the way,
Jacob enjoyed the challanges of acting as head of forensic research and Post-Mortum Care at Belthesda Institute.

It was not always that way. Drinking got in the way soon after he took the position, and almost ended his career and marriage, but he was able to turn his life around.

Unfortunately for Jacob, he became caught in the middle of a vampire power struggle at the Institute when the lab and mogue became ground zero in the Vampire’s quest for control.

He was tortured for a week, and when Stefano Giovanni felt that he has caused poor Jacob enough psychic pain to bind him as a wraith to the mortal world, he was killed. While Stephano’s first half dozen victims were unsuccessful and did not become wraiths, the Giovanni managed to quickly bond Jacob as his servant to do his bidding, mostly as a spy, and to keep others out of the morgue.

Jacob hates Stefano more than anything for wat he did to him and his colleagues, but felt powerless to stop him. Using every bit of his willpower, Jacob was able to spend limited time in the Shadowlands away from Bethesda, while Stephano was sleeping, and befriended another wraith (Fredrick) who was sympathetic and aware of the Giovanni problem. However, as long as Jacob was forced to protect and watch over the old brick building housing forensics and the morgue, it would be dangerous for Fredrick (any any other wraith) to enter least Jacob would be forced to attack them or worse, run the risk of becoming a servant to Stephano as well.

Initially he was surprised to see Dr. Richard Walker, from Geriatrics, enter the lab with four other men. They appeared intent of accomplishing some task and not leaving. Not having the callousness to try killing them himself, at first Jabob decided he would try to scare them to go downstairs and into releasing the Zombies that Stephano had been amassing for some larger plan. It seemed to Jacob that the bastard Stephano was quite pleased that bodies at the hospital were piling up, now that he did away with the mortician. For a brief monent Jacob thought this plan might work when the older gentlemen ran to the elevator bent of leaving. What TERRIFIED Jacob the most was how they were seaching….and found his Fetter…The Bottle. THEY KNEW. Richard seemed to know. The fetters are what bind me to be here, to stay connected to the shadowlands and the mortal world! At first Jacob paniced, it didn’t matter that he was running through walls and door, using all his energy they needed to be stopped! They found the picture so quickly! Destroying everything of meaning. It occured to Jacob that they were not really after him…but Stephano. He might be able to kill them off one at a time..but would he want to? By the time they reached the basement, Jacob had ceased panicing. His wife, in a hysterical rage over his probable death, (with another child on the way) had already burned his 4th and final Fetter tieing him to the world…his Grateful Dead Tee that he wore while following them on tour. The “old rag” that she had wanted him to throw away for years. Jacob was just following Stephano’s command to ATTACK anyone who would not leave…the letter of the law. By the time that Richard found th Pocket Knife, the one that Jacob’s Dad had given him when he went to Boy Scout Camp, it occured to Jacob that Richard was not himself. HOW DID He KNOW!!! Richard had never been this determined before about anything! Destroying my Pocket Knife?!?! In his Final attempt Jacob stabbed Richerd in the chest with the tissue shears. It occured to Jacob that Richard must be working for “the Grandma”…that is what Stephano calls her. But “any enemy of my enemy is my friend”…….so with that, Jacob decided to face the Tempest…and hopefully make it to Stygia and safety. He was ok sacrificing what was left of himself. He was growing weak, but hoped to one day return to see his family. By leaving this place, Jacob hoped the door would be open for Fredrick to warn these poeple, tell them about Stephano. Hopefully they will listen.

And with the destructiuon of his Pocket Knife, Jacob went.

ZZZ Dr. Jacob Kotch, PHD

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