Martin St. John Kimball IV


The Oldest brother
Age: 38

Named after a long line of Martin Kimball’s, including his now deceased father, Marty always knew he would be a firefighter like his father and his father’s father. Having known this, he oftentimes would not exert himself academically which was a source of concern for his parents. And while he enjoyed sports growing up he was never good enough, or never exerted himself enough, to excel. So in these two respects, he did just enough to get by.

Socially, Marty is generally well liked. He does tend to more of a fraternity mindset however, and while he has had a few girlfriends (and a wife – now divorced), he mostly enjoys just hanging out with the guys. He has been pulled over a couple of times for either speeding or OUI, but being a firefighter, he has been let go.

He has 2 boys from his prior marriage: Marty and Sean.

Now that he is getting a little older, and since 9-11, he is beginning to think about life after firefighting. He doesn’t have the abilities to move up in rank, so essentially, he has topped out, and will eventually get slower and weaker and will be forced to move on. But unfortunately, he has nothing else to fall back on. His drinking is getting worse. He has also recently been taking some risks while on the job, and while they have thus far worked out, some have talked to him about being reckless. At worst, it is a death wish; at best, a way to get permanent disability payments.

Martin St. John Kimball IV

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