Rory McMillan



Employee at Bethesda Hospital and former Vampire Hunter.


Rory lives in the greater DC Area and feels his life has never been better. He is in the best physical shape of his life and recovers faster from cuts and scrapes than he did as a 6 year old.
A year ago he was given a big raise to relocate and work directly for Bethesda hospital as an emergency flight pilot.

In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering at the hospital he works at. Particularly with the elderly long-term patients on the Geriatric-Psychiatric Unit . Like many others, he finds the Women named “Grandma” particularly entrancing. He has had the opportunity to fly her to Boston and the local airports on a number of occasions and finds it fascinating the no one seems to know just how long the has been a resident at Bethesda. She is indeed quite The Matriarch and her family is rumored to have left the hospital it’s biggest endowment. This would after all explain the special treatment she receives from the staff. There is one other resident that Rory greatly admires as well, that also perplexes him. Much like “Grandma”, “The Chaplain” is one of staff’s most favored patients despite his ongoing antic’s about the living dead and fanatical devotion to God. Chaplin Keene’s past disturbs Rory greatly. He believes the kindly Chaplin is telling the truth in that he has no recollection of the murder he committed a year ago. And while the other staff might laugh at the Chaplin behind his back and consider him the unit entertainment, Rory mostly feels sorry for him. Despite his best efforts, Rory also can not shake this nagging doubt that “The Chaplin” is not as Crazy as everyone else seems to believe. At times he even begins to wonder if Semus Keene murdered to mortician at all; this train of thought makes Rory very uncomfortable.

Rory McMillan

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