T. William Shaw

Clan Toreador


“Sire” of the Kimball Brothers.
Appears as a 39 year old Archeologist and Tiffany’s boyfriend by day. AKA Dieter Kleist


he seems to know almost everyone that means anything in the DC high society. 39 and a bit of a workaholic. Working at the Smithsonian since graduating College for archeology he has worked himself to the bone, committed practically from sun up to sun down running the archives and storage of the more valuable items the Smithsonian has to protect. On call 24/7 to a fault. One of the biggest complaints of Tiffany is that she sees more of him at work then at home. Lives in the Alexandria suburb in a Brick Colonial that is spacious and shows his taste in the arts. Paintings hang from every wall and vases and other antiquities decorate the house. He loves Tiffany with all his heart and finds great joy in the fact that he works with her each day. Often reminiscent of the day they met in the storage basement when there was a major power failure causing them to be alone together for almost 4 hours in the dark until power was restored and the security systems dis-engaged. He is sad that it takes the wake of Tiffany’s parents to bring them together but looks forward to seeing the brothers again. It has been a couple months since the last time any of them were in DC to visit, and the memories of dinners and Holidays with them have a special place in his heart.

T. William Shaw

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