DC By Night

What they remembered
The Pariah

As the werewolves approach threatening their unlives, Marty and Trent’s memories of meeting The Pariah come flooding forward.

Marty's Story

Marty sat on the couch. Feeling groggy, he tries to wake up for the evening. Smiling at Tiffany who is in the kitchen at the sink, Marty attempts to forget about the Daymare again….but deep down He knew it was actually more of a flashback.

[He was enclosed in a pitch black cell when the door creaks open and light shines in. Marty spies the terrified middle aged man shaking in the corner of the cell while

Milo with his hat in his hand peaks his head into the cell. “Alright Marty”, Milo begins sympathetically as he rolls his eyes “unfortunately for you, you are free to go. Your are going to be on your own.” Marty had heard the mumblings of a heated debate going on outside the cell. Although he couldn’t hear what was said, he had assumed it was about him, their latest member. Apparently Milo had lost the debate. “I’m going to bring you back to the city,” Milo continued shaking his head at Marty, “and then, over time, the city is going to eat you up until there is nothing left”.]

“So I drove by Will’s house today. Whatever the expansion project is going to be, it seems to really be coming along”, Tiffany called over to Marty. At the sink, Tiffany was in the process of skinning a large Brown Fur Rex Rabbit. “You get really cold in the winter right? I’ll make you all fur hats.” “It’s good the house will be ready soon, cause I want him out of here soon” she whispers across the room to her brother lowering her voice as she scanned the area to make sure Bobby had not woken yet. "He was feeding off the rabbits, telling Mary that he was going to “Turn Them” into Vampire bunnies. It was upsetting her, but he thought it was funny. It apparently did not work. But then Bobby posed the dead rabbits so that they were biting each other’s necks. Even leaving blood for effect!" A few minutes later after removing the lucky rabbits feet, Tiffany spoke again. “You know Marty, he was Delusional.” “Bobby?”, Marty asked. “No, Will.” “He really believed he was doing you, Trent, and Franklin a favor.” “I still miss him, so I guess part of me really did love him. But he was so misguided.” “I know he is still out there because I have not become bonded to you or Mary yet.” “That’s how it works right?” “Yes, I have been having some of Mary’s Vitae….that’s why I have not asked you recently.” “So I guess Mary and I have entered a symbiotic relationship.” “Now each of Will’s, Mary’s, and your respective clans…or bloodlines, specialize in the power called Presence right?”, Tiffany asked Marty. “Interesting”, Tiffany pondered.
Bobby's Story
AKA The Prince's Committee
“On behalf of the Kimball Family”, Bobby Kimball Proclaimed, “We want this war over as soon as possible!” “Well, I could agree more” empathize Balthazar (aka Sheriff) is his southern draw . “They slaughtered my own progeny Frenchie! It broke my unbeating heart. It truly did.” Lodin Interupted. “Even.Kl..er..excuse me. Garrett Sylivan, you have not spoken yet.”

Garrett wrapped the circular table with his finger nails as he inspected the other committee members that had gathered around. “I also agree. I watched my fellow archon member Petier Van Dorn destroyed before my eyes. But that is not really why I’m here. I’m here to size up all you other committee members, and discover your weakness. Plot, then, all in good time, when opportunities present themselves take advantage on behalf of myself and my own clan.” Garrett sinisterly stated as he stated at the others one at a time.
“Oh, god God!” wined Eliot Sinclair, the Toreador member of the group. I did not expect this committee would exist solely to deal with those dreaded werebeasts!" “I must continue to express my opposition to Annibelle Triabelle’s position on the Primogen. I understand that she had the backing of her Sire Maria. But Maria is no where to be found. She should step down from her position at once for someone of our clan who is more deserving. She does not represent our clan. Her contribution to the Arts is practically non-existant, many would hardly count the creation of The Stripper-Pole as a performing Art at all.”
“Well, CLEARLY the ongoing war against the Wild Dogs is the defining moment of the century in our city” Lodin again interrupted, as he stood up and walked around the table. “And I couldn’t agree more with the Kimball’s, as spoken for by their representative, and my Grand Prodigy.” Putting his hand on Bobby’s right shoulder, a smile came across Lodin’s face. “And I have a plan that will bring the dreaded WereCreatures to their knees! Baltazar, could you please go bring in Capone and Jackson who are waiting outside? Tell them that we are ready for them to join us.”

Tower Defense

Chaplain Seamus Keane, Rory McMillan, and Colt McCoy reunite a year after the horrific event that changed their lives forever.

Blood Red Moon pt 2: The Farm

As a test of loyalty from his fellow clan members, Frankie has been tasked with bringing the young teenage Werewolf back to The Temple of Desire in captivity and alive. Weapons and bullets dipped in silver have been provided. As well and all the whips, chains, leather straps and handcuffs that are necessary to carry out the task.

The scoped out Farm House where the Boy lives with his family.

Blood Red Moon Pt 1: Temple of Desire

Meet Aisha, The Mistress of Desire
The High Priestess of The Setite Temple of Desire

and her assistant Hadrian
Priest of Desire

Marty Returns to his Brothers who are now uncomfortable in his presence.
Trent and Marty accompany Frankie to meet The Mistress where he is given a task to return with a live Werewolf in captivity.

The four Preludes to Blood Red Moon

Blood Red Moon Part IV Bobby’s prolog

“FucK’em” he thought as he watched the squirrely Alan Sovereign cross the front lawn which was now becoming overgrown. “They think I’m a burden, If my cousins won’t act, I’ll take the lead, just as The Prince said, I’ll eventually need to do” he nodded to himself reassuring he was making the correct decision.
“So, this is Dieter’s old place”, Alan said, extending his hand to Bobby. “The Foreman Rick will be arriving anytime. I’ll introduce the two of you two before I leave. It was smart of you to call on us. We have to stick together you know”, Alan continued as he studied Bobby’s reaction. “Well, thanks for coming man. I think it’s important”, Bobby responded.
“Of course it is. You and your family need a safe haven, especially now. Rick will do a good job with whatever renovations you have in mind. He works fast too. Sorry the Flamethrowers were not going to workout at this time, but the 2 Motion sensor Machine Gun Turrets aught to do the trick don’t you think? Particularly with silver dipped ammunition, that is , if you can find any.”
Turning Around, Alan points towards the driveway. “It’s quite a gift. Sometimes our Grandsire can come in quite handy can’t he? I’m told it is a Confederate P120. Looks like quite a machine if you are into Motorcycles.”
A grin comes across Bobby’s face as he nods proudly, “Yes, It’s quite a machine”.

“Blood Red Moon Part III” Frankie’s prolog

Frankie had enough self awareness to know he had become resentful. He was tired of waiting around the Arby’s parking lot every Tuesday night waiting for his weekly allowance. He should be the one giving the allowances; others should be dependent on him. He was not being given his due respect and Malcolm was late. About time Frankie thought, spotting Malcolm walking to him as he sat waiting in his car. No paper bag in Malcolm’s hand, not a good sign. Frankie realized that the look on Malcolm’s face was another clear sign something was up. He had not seen a similar look on Malcolm’s face since Jerome was shot in gang warfare months earlier by Kevin Jackson’s Men. “The Descendant, I’m sorry that I do not come bearing our weekly tithing”, Malcolm regretfully whispered bowing before Frankie. “The Prophet has instructed me to inform you that the time has come for you to take the next step in fulfilling your destiny. You are to travel towards Baltimore where the Prophet awaits your call to meet him.” Reaching in his pocket, Malcolm pulls out an envelope and hands it to Frankie. “Enclosed are instructions to call from the pay phone at the given address. The Prophet has spoken that the time has come for you to meet….The Mistress.”

“Blood Red Moon part II " Trent’s Prolog

A crisp ocean breeze passes by as Trent strokes Portia’s hair. It is not a beach Trent is familiar with, but is reminiscent of the South Shore near Plymouth. Hues of pink and orange wisp in the morning sky above the nearby ocean. The sun rise is almost as beautiful as the creature who’s head is resting on his right shoulder. Unexpectedly, the emerging sunsine brings Trent a sense of warmth and renewal. Hand in hand, Portia’s returned smile suddenly turns to fear as her hair bursts into flames and panic ensues. She screams in pain and for Trent to help her. He quickly guides her to the incoming tide as he tries to smother the flames but it is too late. Portia crumbles to ash before they are able to make it even halfway to the water. Trent unnecessarily inhales a deep breath awakening from is slumber…..his human instincts are still strong. It was just a dream. Portia’s body imprint is still visible next to him within the red silk sheets that she gave him as a gift. He slept later than usual; and usually doesn’t have such vivid dreams. Exiting his suite, Trent’s search soon ends upon hearing Portia fraternizing with Master Nicholi in the foyer; just beyond the Chantry’s lobby.

“I was a child prodigy. I taught myself how to read from looking over the village priests daily prayer book. By the time I was four years old, I was only the second literate mortal in the entire village. Just after the priest himself!”, brags Nicholi.
Chuckling, Portia responds, “Well, thank you for sharing how you were chosen. Verba tuus uti et mini plus dic!” “Ah, Latin”, Nicholi nods, studying Portia. “I was a linguistics college major, with a specialty in ancient and dead languages”, Portia explains. “We have quite an extensive collection of texts, my dear, if you ever choose to continue your studies” Nicholi says turning to face Trent.

Nicholi’s expression undeniably signals to Trent that he was interrupting the conversation. “Young Trent, message has arrived from the Pontifex. He is to have a word with you this evening.”

Portia smiles at Trent as she walks over and puts her arm around his. Trent smiles back as it occurs to him Portia is not just the most gorgeous woman he has seen, let alone been with, but undeniably what people refer to as the “whole package”.

Blood Red Moon Epilogue part 1:

Marty Kimball absentmindedly meanders toward his destination. Two blocks to go. He stumbles back onto the sidewalk curb just missing the honking passing car. Fatigued he continued on. Arriving at his destination, his mind awakens from its fog. The newly resurrected metal fencing and yellow caution tape meet Marty’s gaze. The Blue Moon Coffee and Tea House has been reduced to rubble and ash. Instinctively Marty’s lifelong Training in the fire department kicks in. The adjoining shops and apartments have been spared however all that remains of the well known Kindred Hunting ground is a partially collapsed roof. It was burned from the inside out. A quick burn, a flash fire..caused by multiple explosions. Unlike the Succubus Club, there is no chance that that this establishment will be reopening again anytime soon.

Session 19- Kindred Solidarity

Marty goes missing just as the Blood Hunt against the Werewolves spins out of control.
The Blue Moon is Fire bombed angering the Anarchs

Session 18- Sabbat Games

The Sabbat Recruiting Team

Sabbat insidiosi pack

The Kimballs learn more than they wanted to ever know and kept their humanity intact….but all eyes are on Marty. Marty sarcrificed himself for his family and became the only one to go through the creation rites. Even in his hunger, Marty drank from the Valderie when Bobby (who became tired of Fankie’s bossing) presented the chalice to Marty.
After hearing tips from Tabitha and N. Laurent about the new biker gang in town, Wynn’s archon TR. Pieter van Dorn arrived just in time to save the Kimballs from themselves. He had been able to put two and two together and realized the Kimballs may be in trouble. Alas, Pieter paid a price for his assistance when the statue head he aquired from the SCP Foundation did not work quite has he anticipated. While also earning the wrath of the Nosferatu elder N. Khalid.
Session 17-Blood Bond

Meet Jack, known as The Beast" among the Kimballs after their run in at Sigma Chi Epsilon. He is also known as “The Barber” among the Fraternity Brothers. A true master of disguise.

Will is missing and Tiffany is further questioned about her Blood Bond and agrees that Marty seems to be under his influence as well.

Frankie and Trent visit the Werewolves in Basin Park and pass again in joining the Blood hunt.

Jazz Meets up with the sabbat to try and break his bond, while the Kimballs are lured by Jazz to the Cemetery.


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