DC By Night

Session 6-Klingons Everywhere!!! AKA Khalid's Great Hall

Roads are flooding and potholes are being created.

The nosferatu Clan leader Khilid arrives at the Tremere Chantry and has words with Nicholi; although he appeared obfuscated from the camara’s when Trent and Marty watched the security camara’s.

They group intervenes when they spot a road crew being devoured by three nosferatu coming up from a sinkhole in the road. They proceed to destroy the three Vampires.

They are overwhelmed by a swarm of rats swimming and running to get past them. And meet another Coterie who had come on a rescue mission. Tommy Hinds, a child of Lodin, and BlackJack and Theo Bell, both Brujah. They are caring the body of their comrade Eddie Gains.
They give Trent a shotgun and wish them good luck. They report taking being attacked by this crazed Nosferatu girl who ran away when they were attacked by another fifteen, whioch they destroyed.

Session 5-The Awakening
Marty Awakes

After two weeks in Torper Marty Awakes and experiences his first frenzy. He is in a 8 by 10 solid concrete room where he devours the vitae (preserved in wax) that stand before him on pedistals.
Trent and Lillian are there to meet him within the Tremere Chantry and catch him up to date with the happenings of the past weeks.

session 4-Sisocharis-Franklin's True Sire

The Rain continues to pour, basements are starting to flood.

Frankie and Trent meet Franklin’s true sire…..Sisocharis. The people around him in “The Barrons”, or run down part of town refer to him as the disciple.
The Prince also summons the brothers to the Succubus Club where he makes his second demand on them to investige the Sewers.

Roads are flooding and potholes are being created.
Frankie and Trent meet a freelance ghoul that works for the FBI, and appearently does work for Sisocharis in exchange for what he needs the most.
The three proceed and destroy a watertower at Sisocharis suggestion that it is the source of the flooding and after offering to provide information as to those provided Marty’s and Trent’s blood to him.

The characters meet a giant Alligator in the sewers as well as the body of a destroyed nosferatu.
Aswell as the message “tunnel is blocked. I went back long way back to find Dimple. Freddy is getting Hungry. -Tammy”

Hunter story-A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

If everyone does not mind, the characters may evolve to become my new favorite NPC’s. or they may have an opportunity to pop up again at some point in the DC by night Chronicle.

Location: Bethesda, Maryland
Bethesda Hospital and National Insitiute

The fate of the Characters may be determined by how closely they remain connected to each other, and influenced for them by the powers that be.
The Traumatic events that occured (I woulod say what occurs would be traumatic to just about anyone), may have brought the very different type of characters to have an ongoing relationship as they process what occured and stay in touch, or the characters could decide to distance themselves from the events in an attemp to put the memories behind them.

I imagine that the characters would have the opportunity to meet up with other members of the secret service “special investigations division” (that Colt calls) to dispatch the remaining Zombie’s in the underground tunnel. (Dustin sad his character would go back to finish the job).
Colt’s experience would earn him a “Promotion” into this select group of specially assigned investigators.

Johnathan Helsing, a little more experienced after his first real bout with the supernatural, would continue tring to locate his Aunt who returns three days later from vacationing in Flordia with Amnesia.

Both Colt and Johnathan are now on the radar of at least a couple Kindred in the city, whon are assessing their threat level and determined it is better to just try to stay out of their way for now. Maybe they have the potential to be powerful pawns at some future point in the future or attempts will be made to reine them in because the are just too dangerous.

There needs to be the fall guy to all the evil deeds that have been occuring at Bethesda Hospital, and this is where Father Seamus and Dustin’s character’s come in. They will Be framed and arrested in connection for the Murder of Peter Hernanzez (the Job Applicant) and Jacob Kotch (the Director of Forensics-who became a Wraith commanded to watch over the Morgue) who’s body is recovered.

With their unique talents they may be spared from spendng the rest of their lives in prision…..

Session 3-Invitations
The incident

Brennon’s Introduction and and Presentation Party

Background information

2 dogs get staked down in lawn
Ignatious tells frankie He Hopes we can put this incident behind us

Thinks they should meet Alex’s Grandsire tomorrow night at “Purgatory” in Arlington. 12pm

(AFTER some dice rolls after four wacks…Matin was beaten to a bloody pulp.
Part of his skull is visible..ribs sticking out….

He doesn’t wake up.

Over the next 2 weeks,
Alex, Franklin, and Trent all hear or find out, either from Ignatious, Will, Tiffiny, Cohen, or from each other that:

1. Marty was jumped by Ignatious, Harold, and Laurent (all Nosferatu). Ignatious warned Frankie not to get involved and that Marty needed to be taught a lesson for his recklessness, while the other two took 2 hits each with baseball bats. Marty flipped through the air and landed on his back. Ignatious yelled at the others to stop while they took full swings with no hesitation. This all occured in no more than 5 seconds.

2. Marty is in Torpor..he did not have enough blood to heal. Torpor is a very deep sleep that occurs when injuries become too great to heal. Torpor can also be entered voluntarily. The time needed to come out of the may take anywhere from a day to millenniums. (In Game mechanics this a based on Humanity. If torpor is involuntary, characters loose a point from a physical attribute apon awakening).

3. Marty was watched over by Frankie during the day, then brought the the Tremere Chantry after a number of different phone calls. He was placed in a plexiglass tank with blood to wait for him to awake. No one knows how long this will take. While it could be days or centuries before he wakes, generally the closer a kindred is to humanity and to keeping their human side alive, the sooner those seem to awake from torpor. So everyone tries to be encouraging since it has been less than a week since he was even turned/embraced.

4. Will is angry with Ignatious for what occured, stating he knew nothing about the incident and he would never support “his brothers” being attacked or injured.

5. Ignatious feels terrible about what ended up transpiring. He had never seen Harold in a fight….and feels Harold was bruttal, maybe he is a real sicko.

5. Will and Tiffiny took an evening flight to Plymouth,MA on Sunday Night (the following night of the attack and the evening that Marty was brought to the Chantry). Tiffiny attends the morning graveside ceremony for the parents and take care of the Kimball Family affairs. Everyone is told that her Brothers are sick with the Nerovirus after believing that they had food poisoning. Will also needed to investigate unfinished business reguarding anyone the parents may have confided thier secret to.

6. Cohen also joined Will and Tiffiny in Boston for a couple days to assist Will with his endevors.

7. Clan Tremere arrange and fake Marty’s death. Hey, there is already a body as proof of death from an “unwitnessed mugging”. Unless Trent protests and insists on another method.

8. Clan Tremere arrange and fake Trent’s death in the method of Trent’s chosing, and offer the same to Franklin…for a small boon ofcourse. Clan Tremere also encourage the use of a fake identification in public (after their deaths are made public).

Still raining…every day since the night of the incident. Subways have stopped running.

Trip to boston, met with susan.. mothers friend who had a package delivered to her from the parents.
He expresses to the players that he is:
1. Angry with Ignatious, deeply sorry about Marty.
2. feels that they have gotten their revenge and should put the passed behind them….because Vincent is dead.
3. Surprised that they came…to miggle with their kind? They should not do that.
4. He doens’t really want to be there, everyone needs to come to give lip services for
5. concerned about the blood bond with Tiffany
6 feels it is dangerous to get involved in kindred affairs..nothing good will come of it.
7. Wants to get together for Christmas eve.

Anarchs: Feel that the Welcoming A Ventrue Dog and Pony show to pat themselves on the back.

Visit by Franklin’s sire’s Lakey?
“Your true sire is looking forward to meeting you and your brothers.” To meet at Midnight at the club

Will’s Sire at the party
“SO look what the cat dragged in? Surprised to see you here….”
"Can’t believe you had it in you! "

Converstaion with Jazz:
Tzemesie clan power
The attackers apears to be inexperienced! Were all Members of George Washington University.

Lodin “where’s Khaliid, he was expected”
Jazz “maybe he didn’t know about the presentation”
Lodin “He is the Fucking Nopheratu clan elder, ofcorse he knows..they know everything!”

Tiffinany Comes to the house:

Noises upstairs (Tiffiany) “It’s my House!! Lost parents! Job! now House??? Doesn’t want to loose bothers!!Dont push me away!”
Came to get belongings
Asks about what Marty ment by “Mind Control” “HE was wrong about her not loving him” “He’s cursed like a diesease” “I couldn’t stand Vincient for what He did..I can’t sleep at night, he deserved it all”

At purgatory
Pieter fills in the guys in on What Colin did not tell them “Being pursues by Mages, very dangerous”. Meet Art, Tabitha, Melissa. and club owner Bruja Born
Nosferatu Laurent runs out of club.

The players roll for meet a Nasferatu outside who points them to where Toby lives. We need your help!"

Marty appears to have healed, in his stone chamber, two bird bath like pedistals filled with blood await him.

Session 2-The Prince's Errand

Still Raining Hard.
On the way to the Succubus Club the Coterie realizes they are being followed by N. Ignatius.
Martin St. John Kimball IV punches N. Ignatius
and Ignatius drives away.
Innitialy V. Brennan Thornhill is not meeting with anybody, busy, unavailble. Upon staying that the coterie are there on behalf of V. “Lodin” Emerson Bridges the group is escorted to meet him in the VIP lounge and art exhibit. He appears a little frantic and interested to learn more about kindred. He states that he believes that he is being watched and notified the Prince of his concern. V. Brennan Thornhill also stated that he made an offer to the Prince and it appears he accepted.

About a quarter of the way back to the Washington Monument, with stop and go lights, the road is blocked with 3 cars and a truck with a National Zoo trailer.

The coterie is attacked.
The trailer contained three headed beast (Lion, Dog, lizard Donkey mix)fused together.
After the gun fight the attacking group are found to all have necklaces with animal teeth on a medalian.

Franklin Kimball “Fireball” arives during the gun fight with V. Jazz Wentworth. Jazz is busy giving orders to the police and trying to deal with the breach in the Masquerade. Jazz tell Trent that the Tremere are expecting him at the Octagon House.
V. Brennan Thornhill thanks everyone and tells them to come by the club anytime for free.
Jazz tells everyone about his concern that the attack had all the markings of The Sabbat. And the use of the Visessitude disipline. He explains The Sabbat as a group of Wild crazed Vampires who have giving up all morailty and respect for humanity.

The group goes back to the Succubus club (except Trent). When Frankie and Marty retire for the day (a bit after 4am) Marty is atttacked by 2 nosferatu with baseball bats while Ignatius tells Frankie to stay out of it.

Session 1-Embrace and Traditions Recap

Thursday Night: The Kimball’s Awake After Being Embaced
(I apologize in advance for the poor grammer and spelling, not my strongest suit!-Tim)

Martin St. John Kimball IV,Franklin Kimball “Fireball”, and Trenton Kimball awake up drugged on morphine and tranquilizers.
William Shaw gives a speech to the brothers as to what happened, while Ignatius and Alex Alexander are hiding on the corner of the room.
Will tells the brothers:
“You are all going to be ok. I know I have a lot explaining to do. I am going to tell the three of you everything I know and answer all your questions the best that I can. When you are calm, you are free to go…..if you still want to. I was born in 1928 with the name Wilhelm Ryker. My parents were German, immigrated after the great war, and I have been dead for 45 years now……I was embraced in 1966. The embrace, that’s what we call it. I had lossed my wife Arvilla in child birth, Arvilla had polio when she was a child. I was in and out of depression until my embrace.
Since I met your sister I have had a new lease on life. I know she feels the same. But we knew the end of our charaade was inevevitable. Neither of us are aging…You would all figure out something was wrong.. How are we to ever have a traditional wedding..we are not having any children…
What I did Is for you, for us, families must be strong and they must stay together.
You all needed this, as much as we need you. I’ve been watching you three for some time………..sensing your fellings of .misery/dispair/ helplessness ….it was breaking my heart, waht’s left of it.
Frankie..the way you treat your body, you were already on borrowed time.

Once the tranquilizers and morphine wear off…we have so much to teach you….these are exciting times for you….for our family.
I’m going to go back upstairs for a while, you have a lot to process…but first…
I have to be honest with you and tell you… in self defence, I killed your parents.
they came to take Tiffany away from me. I couldn’t have that. They figured out my secret, and told me they had sent a warning to you all if they did not return. I couldn’t let that happen… then your father pulled a gun.. He shot me. I didn’t have a choice I had to stop him, but I was wounded… I am afraid after stopping him I was too far hurt and I turned on your mother. I am remorseful of the fear in her eyes when she died. I staged the accident, but Sammy found out….. he wanted what belongs to me. .. he wanted to put themselves before me in my world… But this place I hold is mine.. I have worked hard to be here.. and I do not take kindly to people whom would root their way through like a weed.. So yesterday, you crushed him for me. That is what families do… I will always do this for you, and I will always have your backs. It is what I needed to do…There was no other way out… "

Upon hearing the news, as the drugs wear off Franklin Kimball “Fireball” out of anger, losses control, blacks out, and experiences his first Frenzy.
In his rage, his tounge sticks out about a foot and is forked like a snake. Ignatius comes out of the shadows and lays his hand on Frankie, calming him. After seeing Frankie’s Frenzy, Will becomes very upset and runs upstairs and can be heard smashing things. Ignatious follows Will upstairs to calm him as well.
Alex Alexander comes out from the shadows and introduces himself and provides education on what the others have become and kindred society.
Cohn Rose of Clan Tremere arrives to assist in the four Neonate’s (Alex included) education and assimilation into kindred society, and introduces himself to the group. Using his clan dicipline (Thaumaturgy) Cohn is able to test Frankie and Trents blood to find that they are 12th and 11th generation respectively. Marty refuses to allow him.

As much they are able to privately, the brothers agree that Will must die. Marty in the most vocal in his anger about his new condition and feelings for Will, while Trent tries to play it cool. Frankie appears to be the most intrigued by his new condition and what previleges and benifits it may offer (“ablility to do more drugs? Control over people? Ingruging…please do tell”).

Unable the trust the Kimball Brothers, Cohn heavily uses another clan discipline (Dominate) to mind control and prevent them from hurting anybody in the group, attacking Will, running away, and to “Be Cool”. The Brothers are left in chains. Will shoots Marty with another tranquilizer of Blood before dawn.

Friday Night:Clans, Disciplines, and Traditions

While Alex tries to help the brothers accept their new condition, Will, Ignatious, and Cohn attempt again teach them about what they have become. Feeling comfortable enough, the brothers are removed for the chains. And spend the evening learning about The Traditions, their disciplines, clans, and about the Book of Nod (ancient texts explaining the lore and origins of the kindred).
Frankie and Trent feed from blood bags, Marty refuses.

Presenting to the Prince

The Kimball brothers take down a couple of hidden cameras they find in the home. Marty has also destroyed a considerable amout of the home decorations by this point (because he knows Will liked them). They meet with their sister, and Marty tries to convince her Will is mind controling her. Marty uses a blood bag (the last one). Trent and Frankie give feeding from rabbits a shot.
At 11:30 pm it is off to meet Prince“Lodin” Emerson Bridges for intruductions (as the Second Tradition requires) at the Washington Monument.
At the Washington monument, the group first meets Jazz Wentworth, and while ascending the many stairs meet Alexandra and Anneke. Upon spotting the two female kindred, Marty and Trent briefly loose their concentration and stumble on the stairs, and may have felt briefly that being kindred isn’t all that bad.
Prince Lodin first speaks to Will and Ignatious in private, then he meets the group all together to be presented to the Prince. Marty tries to convince the Prince that he should kill Will for violating the Traditions (Masquerade and Destruction). The Price attempts to dominate the neonates to keep the secret among those in the room and tell no one else.
The Prince explains that two life boons are owed to him for sparing thier lives since permission was granted for only one to be embraced, and the boons must be payed back in the form of multiple favors. Fankie is to stay with the Prince, as collateral, and because they have matters about his clan to be discussed; while the others run an errand and escort Brennen Thornhill to the Prince. Brennen is the owner of the Succubus Club, and according to the Prince is expecting the escorts. Alex strikes a deal that he may repay is sire’s dept for embracing him without permission as well.

Prolog to The Embrace & the Traditions

The Prolog: The Embrace & Traditions (AKA What the hell is happening to me?….You Bastard!)
Marty, Frankie, and Trent awake.
Your alive! Your in bed?….just a bad dream..no a nightmare.
No…. something is not right. You can’t move! No pain..feeling numb/..can’t feel anything.
You open your eyes. In a basement. Your under covers on a mattress, on the floor.
Arms are chained to the wall. Your brothers are too! On opposite walls!
Feeling drugged, starting to feel tingly, can’t speak.
Your breathing hard, you hear your brothers rapid shallow breaths from across the room.

William Shaw! He is sitting in the middle of the room. Folding chair. Reading a newspaper?
He speaks (puts down paper):
“You are all going to be ok. I know I have a lot explaining to do. I am going to tell the three of you everything I know and answer all your questions the best that I can. When you are calm, you are free to go…..if you still want to. I was born in 1928 with the name Dieter Kleist. My parents were German, immigrated after the great war, and I have been dead for 45 years now……”

What is even more disturbing, most upseting to you, is that while listing to Will speak you discover yourself no longer breathing.

Acquisitions and Mergers Recap

Act one: The Wake (Monday Night)
Funeral Director needs papers signed tomorrow for body transportation to travel to Boston and pick up Funeral to be 9:00am.

Open bar and cocktails downstairs-the wake it to celebrate their lives
Caskets upstairs for contemplating and prayers

Family wants to have lunch tomorrow.

They gossip about tiffiny who does not attend:
“Is she into Drugs”?
“Joined a cult”?
“Boyfriend is too controlling”?
“Mentally ill”?

In the Belongings: Gun Permits, 2 crosses each in cloths pockets, phones, clothes, toiletries, receipt for car rental from dollar Volvo S80 color Silver, Plane tickets for 8am.

Police report: accident at 3am, found by passer by, more rural road not highway, mother thrown from car, paramedics called pronounced dead sent to city morgue, Joe’s Tows transports vehicle to lot,

Vinnie Arrives telling the group he has some important they might want to see. Is Pale/yellowish complexion due to liver problems.

Act Two: Back at your home
In the Video shown from vinny’s lap top:
show pic of sammy. They talk about meeting at succubus club every night, that the dealer is ready for the relics and getting tired of waiting. Sammy says “Beautiful home how much is your old man worth? access to accounts yet?”
They share blood on couch. Tiffiny asks if he can stay. He says no.
Video lasts about 10 minutes.

Tiffiny calls to ask about wake.

Arrangements made for Vinnie to try to get any supplies needed, and deliver tomorrow night. specialized semi-automatic stake guns, shotguns, pistols,
flame thrower??? flak jacket?

Will recieves call from Smithsonian Director or Aquisitions and Collection Emergency!
Pueblo Native Americans Jeweled Carvings missing this evening. Security coming to pick you up Will right now!

Act II Day time (Tuesday)
Need to go to Funeral for 9am have lunch
Stamina rolls to stay awake.

recieve Call from Will Take cat nap in afternoon?

Lots of calls from family members

Act Three: Succubus Club (Tuesday Night)

Recieve call from Tiffiny at Succubus Club

lines out the door!

Tiffany spotted leaving with someone/bag in hand (Relics??)

Outside Sammy out from shadows and takes bag from Tiffiny and leaves her on the street, she runs away.

Frankee shoots at truck and Sammy as they drive away.pickup has sign “Joe’s Tows”.

Act Four: Discovering the Hideout/Haven (Tuesday Night)

The group need to be back at Will’s place to meet Vinny.
Vinny supplys group with requested equipment, specialized semi-automatic stake guns, shotguns, and even a flame thrower.
The group finds Sammy at the Joe’s Tows Junkyard playing with 2 German shepards. Marty sees dozens of rats surrond Sammy, as he picks one up and bits it’s neck.

Act Five: The kidnapping (Tuesday Night)
Just before dawn Will Recieves call from the Smithsonian and is to be picked up.
Everyone else is awoken with the honking of the car horn and see Will and Tiffany a car at gunpoint, being driven away by Sammy and an accomplice.

Act Six: Attack on the Haven (Wednesday Day)
The brothers are attacked by the 2 German Sheppard’s after breaking into the fenced in junkyard office complex.
inside they spot the Trap door with Joe’s Toes
Are attacked by a swarm of angry Squirrels while crawling through the pipe to the basement.

The bothers hear 3 shot’s fired long range.
Frsankee is attacked by Sammy. Vinny arrives and holes are shot through the basement floor at Vinnys sugestion. Sammy Burns up after Marty pushes him into the sunlight.
Vinny shows the brothers the body of Sammys Accomplice (who Vinny Shot)
Vincent tells the Siblings that Will called him and is safe back home, that he was dumped in the middle of nowhere by Sammy with out phone or money.
There is 150,000 in the safe, along with an alphebetical log with Names/deeds and amounts.

Everyone goes back to Wills

Act Seven: Mergers and Acquisitions (wednesday Night)
At dusk Will arrives with Tiffany, very thankful for the brothers help.
Tiffany in histarics believing Frankie was killed/but then we wasn’t, goes to lie down.

Will attacks players with nerve tranquilizors (Pancuronium) injections. The brothers fight off Will, but Vinnie shoots Frankee and then Marty, while they are fighting off Will.
Trenton is in a helpless stuper until Vinny gives him a fatal injection of roxinal (liquid morphine).

The Prelude

Your character’s parents, Marty and Arlene Kimball, tragically die in a car accident on an early Sunday morning while driving to the airport. They were to catch a flight back home to Massachusetts (on Boston’s South Shore) after visiting your sister Tiffany in DC. Both Tiffany, and her boyfriend, work in the archives at the Smithsonian Institute. That is where they met and have been together for about 2 years. (I think I will ask Aaron to play your sister’s boyfriend, assuming he will be able to play). The three siblings were raised in a WASPy kind of family. (It is up to you to decide how your character turned out and gets along with everyone else in your family).

Whoever was Mother’s favorite, was told by Mother that your sister has been giving your parents the cold shoulder recently, been very distant, not returning phone calls, and told her that she probably would not be coming home for the holidays this year. That is when your parents decided to pay her a visit. They were worried about her.

After being informed of their deaths from your sister who calls, the two of you immediately book hotel reservations and travel to DC. Although your sister Tiffany has made the funeral arrangements neither of you have been able to connect with her again. When she called with the terrible news she sounded understandably distraught. The double funeral is to be held in DC after the evening wake, closed casket because the accident was a gruesome site, and the burial will take place in massachusetts along with a gravesite ceremony, for friends and family who couldn’t make the trip to DC. Tiffany seemed to think of and plan for every little detail.

By the time The Wake takes place, Monday evening, the three of you have learned from the accident report that the car was presumably speeding around a corner and rolled down an embankment hitting a tree. Mother was thrown from the car. Neither were wearing seatbelts. A 911 call had been placed by a passing motorist. Autopsies were not warranted, however blood tests were taken. Both test results came back negative for drugs or alcohol. The oldest son collects your parents possessions which were delivered to the funeral home.

At The Wake, the three of you are engaged in conversation with all the family and friends who are able to arrive. You are giving lots of condolences, but most of the conversation seems to revolve around speculation about Tiffany and why she in not there. The evening goes from bad to worse when a stranger shows up at the Wake.


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