DC By Night

Session 18- Sabbat Games

The Sabbat Recruiting Team

Sabbat insidiosi pack

The Kimballs learn more than they wanted to ever know and kept their humanity intact….but all eyes are on Marty. Marty sarcrificed himself for his family and became the only one to go through the creation rites. Even in his hunger, Marty drank from the Valderie when Bobby (who became tired of Fankie’s bossing) presented the chalice to Marty.
After hearing tips from Tabitha and N. Laurent about the new biker gang in town, Wynn’s archon TR. Pieter van Dorn arrived just in time to save the Kimballs from themselves. He had been able to put two and two together and realized the Kimballs may be in trouble. Alas, Pieter paid a price for his assistance when the statue head he aquired from the SCP Foundation did not work quite has he anticipated. While also earning the wrath of the Nosferatu elder N. Khalid.
Session 17-Blood Bond

Meet Jack, known as The Beast" among the Kimballs after their run in at Sigma Chi Epsilon. He is also known as “The Barber” among the Fraternity Brothers. A true master of disguise.

Will is missing and Tiffany is further questioned about her Blood Bond and agrees that Marty seems to be under his influence as well.

Frankie and Trent visit the Werewolves in Basin Park and pass again in joining the Blood hunt.

Jazz Meets up with the sabbat to try and break his bond, while the Kimballs are lured by Jazz to the Cemetery.

Session 16- Blood Hunt

Doyle Finchner shares his hospitality with Mary. Mary comes into her own with Dominate and has a new favorite dress collection.
Karl claims to be Marty’s true sire and assists in taking down “The Mailman”.
“The Mailman” meets has match and goes for his final train ride.
Will has some distressing news about Jazz.
Ballard has dinner guests.
Jazz admits to causing Lorraine’s destruction and begs the Kimballs for their help with a deal for Frankie to consider.
A Blood Hunt is called on Jazz By the Prince for Lorraine’s destruction, while coteries are coming together to carry out the other hunt against the Werewolf threat.

Session 15- The Homecoming of Roman Alexander

Ok….poorly titled session name. But didn’t want to give anything away in the title.
The Title “When the shit hit the fan” may have been a better name.

Session 14- Ventrue Neonates

Bobby Kimball reenters and Mary enters the Characters lives.

Session 14- The Freedom Riots Part II: Burdens of Paradox

The Kimballs escapades at the SCP Foundation are forever known as “The Incident” to Dc witnesses when a paradox storm hits the building and all crazy breaks loose.

session 13- Freedom Protests

The Freedom Protest are well underway in DC as Millions merge on the nations capital.
The Kimballs are aproached by their first Werewolves, Marty destroys a robotic dog, and the Brujah Thoams Paine makes a surprise appearance from the Anarch free states and whips the crowds into a fervour.
The Kimballd come across the SCP Foundation building and duke it out with tecnocracy mages in the parking lot. Then quickly join forces with Vin and Tara, two Traditionist Mages.

session 12 Kill Will Volume 1

Dr. Granger agrees to meet with Tifany to work her through her issues.
Alex Alexander’s Dark Fate catches up with him in an Ambush on Dieter Klist when he is trapped in the sewers with a group of hunters.
Frankie learns Marty is closer to Dieter than previously thought.

Session 11-Actions and Consequences

Cohn who seemed aware of the package, expresses spite and jealousy with Trent.
A frusterating conversation with Critius insues around the Fraternaty house as he applies the socratic method to encourage the characters to dig deep and think for themselves.
Plans come together with the Postman Levine to set up the other Ventrue for a fall.
An elderly mage, with a postcard for the tremere Lillian, is shot and killed close to the Chantry.

Session 9-Don't shoot the messenger

The Kimballs Meet a Nosferatu, Quinton, who has a message of thanks on behalf of his clan from Khalid (Clan leader and Primogen member).
Trent delivers a package to Portia on behalf his clan which he later regrets.

Prince Lodin’s Child Itzak Levine calls on Frankie and has a proposition for a package that him and his bothers may want.


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