DC By Night

Epilogue Six Months Later

Six Months Later in DC:

The Primogen has yet to agree on a new Prince. The Ventrue Ballard has been giving the authority to administrate as the acting prince, but does not have the control that Lodin once did. The Traditions are more easily broken than they once were. Clan leaders and the city’s Archons are more likely to attempt to enforce the traditions, than the acting Prince who’s power is being contested constantly by other contenders for the throne.
One of the contenders is none other than the Nosferatu Ignatius, who has returned to the city with Lodin’s passing.

With the Support of the Toreador Annabelle Treabelle, her Clan Leader, the club harpy Portia has been able to take ownership of and reopen the Famous Succubus Club.
While still a world premier night club, the Scarred Succubus Club has lost part of its former glory and extravagance. Unable to shed it’s past grisly murders, rumors fly of the club being cursed and run by blood doll occultists, or worse. Lines still form to enter the club however it tends to attract greater numbers of anarchs while attracting less of its posh upper-class clientele.

Will Shaw, much to everyone’s surprise, has managed to outlive both his sire and grandsire. Tyler McGill was never heard from again after he refused to accept the end of the Werewolf War continuing to vow avenge for Tatiana’s destruction. Will has not been seen among the kindred community since his reawakening. Appearently he has stayed away from visiting “The Rack”, Kindred establishments or Elysium. Word has spread however, that his annual Camarilla anniversary party is on track to be held. It is scheduled at the Smithsonian next month according the Annabelle Treabelle, whom Will has contacted.

The Kimball’s, better known as “Frankie’s Family” or “The Family” for short, has developed a respectable reputation as a coterie not to be trifled with. With the rumors of Old Harold, Levine, and Alex, few want to mess with it’s members from 4 different clans. In whispers, a few even question the timeliness of Bobby Kimball’s disappearance along with the Prince’s death as well. Many vey for this coterie’s allegiance and support.

Tiffany Kimball, stating she does not care why she loves him, has returned to Will and even has began working again at the Smithsonian while mostly staying away from the Vampire community. Keeping in contact with her brothers, she tells them that Will prefers to stay away from them for the time being, feeling that they are “in too deep”. She has confided to Trent and Marty however that she has begun to no longer feel satisfied pretending to live a normal life. She deeply regrets the death of Mary, and continues to struggle with her decision.

Trent (AKA Fireball), has become the city’s premiere couple with Portia on his arm. Known as “The Beauty and The Brains” there is no second guessing who is “The Brains” of the operation. In fact while Portia is away, the Succubus Club employees at times will defer to Trent as “The Man in Charge”. Much to Frankie’s jealousy, the clubs VIP lounge is often where Fireball can now call the shots.
Secretly, he has observed the way that “Portia”, Helena, or whatever her real name is manipulates others. It discomforts him greatly. He recognizes that it was only after he brought Portia her to the Chantry that Master Nicholi developed an interest in her. Was that her plan all along?
Yet, he still loves her. Portia’s confiding and pleading for Trent’s help, in that she will Die without the Vitae from other Female Vampires, has left him little choice but to help her meet her demanding and special need.

Marty continues to visit the Stockyards to meet his special needs and hates what he has become. When he thinks of his children that he left behind in his former life, anger swells and thoughts return to his desire to kill Will for destroying his family. Frankie should have left him in the ground. Frankie and Trent do not seem to have had the problem moving on that Marty has. He worries that Frankie has been enjoying the political games too much, and that Portia has become a distraction for Trent.
Sledgehammer Doyle has confided that they share similar friends among the Sabbat and he knows that Marty is being watched. As a sign of trust and friendship between them he has requested that Marty soon share the Valderie with him. Marty is unsure of who’s Sabbat blood will be in the Chalice, but is not sure if he as a choice in the matter but to Drink it. He is being watched after all. However, he also has had guaranteed by the Elder Brujah Mikael that as “the experiment” he is to go “untouched”. Marty has also been guaranteed by Mikael that in time, if he stays strong to his convictions, he may survive long enough to witness the destruction of the Children of Cain for good, and really learn the secrets of the Black Hand.

Frankie has never been more torn with the temptation for power; and the need to choose sides. The Followers of Set have strengthened their hand greatly with the destruction of Lodin and are no longer under the same threat. Open warfare now exists for control of the DC black markets and drug trade. And the introduction of the drug Hum has greatly improved their hand and May very well but the Ventrue out of business as Jackson and Capone both are distracted vying for the position as Prince.
The Mistress continues to remind Frankie that he will not have the Clans true support until he opens his heart to the Path of Typhon. Then, and only then, there will be no limits as to what may be accomplished together. He may very well find himself as the next prince’s lieutenant of the Black Market and Drug Trade with immeasurable power…..or on the Primogen itself. Otherwise, he will be cast aside for a true candidate for the clan to back.

The Pendulum
Lodin's Mount Vernon Estate

(after spending blood to heal) Trent becomes conscious and finds himself being carried.

He his jolted and becomes aware that it is Frankie that is carrying him and that Frankie just walked into the Grandfather clock smashing it.

Frankie is also carrying Marty and the silver sword that Bobby had taken from “Michael Smith”.

Trent asks to be put down and feels the pangs of hunger and becomes aware of the blooded dead bodies of Lodin’s Ghouls and his cousin bobby.

Trent feeds and gains back 6 blood points as Frankie presses him to hurry, informing him that their is a bomb about to go off in less than 2 minutes.

Marty also being jostled in Frankie’s arms awakens. Both Marty and Trent are informed by Frankie that Lodin took off down a secret passage in the back of his office and down a spiral staircase.

Also that he saw the Pariah again, who killed Bobby and then disappeared into the clock.

With Trent not having time to heal, and slowing down his brothers, Frankie insists on carrying Trent out of the building. On their way out of the building they encounter multiple families, around 77 people, who are escaping their captivity and also running out of the building to safety.

Within a minute of exiting the building the same way they came in, multiple explosions collapse the building. All of the traumatized kinfolk families appear to have made it outside in time as well.

Where is Lodin? Is he going to retaliate? Where is the Pariah? What is the deal with this sword? So many questions……..


(Does Trent still have “special blood” in his system after healing?)

We were chatting about finishing up by playing on Tuesday the 22nd if this works for you. (Could be the last session.)

The Estate

The Kimball’s meet the Malkavians Son and Uncle Colt McCoy.

A Note is delivered to Doyle Finchner at the stockyards; which are becoming barren from kindred over feeding.

The Estate of Mount Vernon has been infiltrated by the Kimball’s and The Pariah in their search for Prince Lodin and The Kinfolk being held hostage.

Marty rushes into the basement of the old Visitor Center to catch The Prince’s men by surprise and before they can organize.
The Pariah yells to Trent about Security and turns into a Bat and flies off.
Frankie has been hit hard with a Chainsaw.
Marty has gouged off half of Laurent’s neck leaving Laurent knocked down and Frenzying.
Bobby comes rushing with a very special silver sword and two guards with phosphate dragon breath rounds.
Trent seems to have a new power at his disposal.

…….and two Ghouls with flamethrowers (one attentively standing by and one just fallen down).

Digging in the Dirt
Kill Will Volume II

Due to the effects of the Werewolf Vitae surging in Frankie’s veins, he flips out on his brothers after learning they knew the location of Dieter Kleist and were keeping it from him.

The Kimball’s are once again visited by The Pariah, and hesitatingly agree join him in his quest to save the lives of dozens of human kinfolk taken hostage by the Prince and to bring down Lodin. The Pariah explains that the visions had by Frankie under the effects of Werewolf blood were indeed real. A former Celestine God, known as Jupiter, is bonded to the Faunum. The spirit of Jupiter is now being corrupted and destroyed due to the successful invasion a group of evil werewolves known as the Black Spiral Dancers. Marty declines joining his brothers, and The Pariah, to dig up Dieter’s burial site so that The Pariah may learn of Prince Lodin’s loction. Dieter reports that The former visitor center and supply building at The Mount Vernon Estate, Former home of President George Washington, is under the Prince’s Control and would be his best guess as the were Lodin could be hiding all the kinfolk as it is large enough and outside the City limits.

At The Pariah’s suggestion, Dieter is staked again and left in his casket.

Trent receives a visit from Quasimodo who delivers him a pigeon from Khalid. Quasi informs Trent that Khalid offers his assistance in hiding Trent’s tracks on the quest that Trent is seriously contemplating undertaking.

The Life and Death of Michael Smith or "digging in the dirt"

The Succubus Club is attacked for a second time.
The Kimball’s manage to survive the assault of “Ben’s Werewolf Pack” with the assistance of other Kindred in the Club and Ghouls with silver bullets; as well as an apparent distraction in the Labyrinth of the club.
Casualties are in the dozens including:
At least 7 Werewolves
The Nosferatu Kirk destroyed within a Ray of Sunlight.
Brennan is destroyed by a swarm of Ravens.
And Michael Smith dies fighting off a Werewolf in the Labyrinth revealing a secret door.
Trent picks up a vial of what appears to be 5th generation Vampire blood, as Bobby claims Michael Smith’s sword as his own.
After aura reading the Silver Sword, Tylor McGill, want’s nothing to do with it or the entire scene and asks that it be kept quite he was ever there.

Trent has a cordial conversation with Khalid. “Pariah” appears to Frankie and Marty asking them to join him to “dig in the dirt” for a meeting with Dieter as he has information the Pariah badly wants.
The Cadaver Hive

Frankie is a bit weary of Doyle Finchner after spending the night at the stockyard.
Trent is contacted by his sire and rejects her. “Fireball” also completes his assignment to verify that The Fanum is more than it appears.
Trent asks to get into contact with Khalid while Frankie pursues the possibility of getting Tiffany and Mary to Baltimore where it may be safer and out of DC.

The Hospital is attacked as well as the Airport.
Plans are made to launch an attack on the Fanum but are cut short when the Succubus club falls under attack for a second time.

Daylight Operations

the Tremere Chantry falls during a daytime attack.
Thomas Thorne is destroyed.
Councilor Merlinda from Tremere’s inner circle brings a new guardian to protect the new chantry.

The Skinner
AKA Samuel Haight

Marty and Frankie awaken to learn that the Octagon House was attacked and their brother’s whereabouts are unknown along with the other chantry members of clan Tremere.
The Kimball’s learn that:
Tommy Hinds haven was also attacked and has been presumed destroyed.
Bobby and The Committee have been rounding up kinfolk (relatives of the werewolves).
The moon appears more red from behind the pinkish clouds that we now bursting with lightning.

Assisted by Samuel Haight, Marty and Frankie destroy two werewolves, but are too late to stop them from destroying the Malkavian primogen member known as Dancing Dana.

Frankie's Regret: (did not) Know Thy Enemy
The Ambush

Meet the latest Adversaries:

Frankie’s plan goes horribly wrong when the coterie discover that the Werewolves have arrived early and catch the Kimball’s in the act of bringing the kidnapped child to the Followers of Set at Temple of Desire.

While the kimball coterie survive, Karma may come back to haunt Frankie for his decisions.


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