The Kindred and Werewolf War of DC has Begun

The Blood Hunt Has Been Called

Coteries are forming and going on the hunt for Trophies
Typically between stories, weeks or months can go by between play sessions. During a Blood Hunt this changes. Each night is played out as events unfold.

Sherriff_s_list.jpg A Friendly Contest??

Do Not Fret… As long as Deiter Kliest is not destroyed guesses to his Nature and Demeanor may be made! Prizes!!!!*
Be the first to guess Will’s Nature and Demeanor and win a free (used) storyteller screen will lots of usefull info in it. Plus get 1point XP bonus for being the first to guess his Nature Correctly, and also 1 point XP bonus to who ever guesses his Demeanor correctly first. Once you take a guess, everyone else will have a chance to guess before you may have another chance at it.

An XP point was given!! Either the Nature (profectionist) or Demeanor (Director) was guessed correctly!

Caregiver-Director; incorrect
Visionary-Director; incorrect
2nd guess Perfectionist-Pedagogue; Incorrect
2nd guess Fanatic-Director; Incorrect
2nd guess Autist-Director; Incorrect
Idealist-Director; Incorrect
Perfectionist-Caregiver; Incorrect
Perfectionist – Visionary

Caregiver and Visionary can be ruled out……..

DC By Night

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