DC By Night

Bobby's Story

AKA The Prince's Committee

“On behalf of the Kimball Family”, Bobby Kimball Proclaimed, “We want this war over as soon as possible!” “Well, I could agree more” empathize Balthazar (aka Sheriff) is his southern draw . “They slaughtered my own progeny Frenchie! It broke my unbeating heart. It truly did.” Lodin Interupted. “Even.Kl..er..excuse me. Garrett Sylivan, you have not spoken yet.”

Garrett wrapped the circular table with his finger nails as he inspected the other committee members that had gathered around. “I also agree. I watched my fellow archon member Petier Van Dorn destroyed before my eyes. But that is not really why I’m here. I’m here to size up all you other committee members, and discover your weakness. Plot, then, all in good time, when opportunities present themselves take advantage on behalf of myself and my own clan.” Garrett sinisterly stated as he stated at the others one at a time.
“Oh, god God!” wined Eliot Sinclair, the Toreador member of the group. I did not expect this committee would exist solely to deal with those dreaded werebeasts!" “I must continue to express my opposition to Annibelle Triabelle’s position on the Primogen. I understand that she had the backing of her Sire Maria. But Maria is no where to be found. She should step down from her position at once for someone of our clan who is more deserving. She does not represent our clan. Her contribution to the Arts is practically non-existant, many would hardly count the creation of The Stripper-Pole as a performing Art at all.”
“Well, CLEARLY the ongoing war against the Wild Dogs is the defining moment of the century in our city” Lodin again interrupted, as he stood up and walked around the table. “And I couldn’t agree more with the Kimball’s, as spoken for by their representative, and my Grand Prodigy.” Putting his hand on Bobby’s right shoulder, a smile came across Lodin’s face. “And I have a plan that will bring the dreaded WereCreatures to their knees! Baltazar, could you please go bring in Capone and Jackson who are waiting outside? Tell them that we are ready for them to join us.”



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