DC By Night

The Life and Death of Michael Smith or "digging in the dirt"

The Succubus Club is attacked for a second time.
The Kimball’s manage to survive the assault of “Ben’s Werewolf Pack” with the assistance of other Kindred in the Club and Ghouls with silver bullets; as well as an apparent distraction in the Labyrinth of the club.
Casualties are in the dozens including:
At least 7 Werewolves
The Nosferatu Kirk destroyed within a Ray of Sunlight.
Brennan is destroyed by a swarm of Ravens.
And Michael Smith dies fighting off a Werewolf in the Labyrinth revealing a secret door.
Trent picks up a vial of what appears to be 5th generation Vampire blood, as Bobby claims Michael Smith’s sword as his own.
After aura reading the Silver Sword, Tylor McGill, want’s nothing to do with it or the entire scene and asks that it be kept quite he was ever there.

Trent has a cordial conversation with Khalid. “Pariah” appears to Frankie and Marty asking them to join him to “dig in the dirt” for a meeting with Dieter as he has information the Pariah badly wants.



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