DC By Night

The Estate

The Kimball’s meet the Malkavians Son and Uncle Colt McCoy.

A Note is delivered to Doyle Finchner at the stockyards; which are becoming barren from kindred over feeding.

The Estate of Mount Vernon has been infiltrated by the Kimball’s and The Pariah in their search for Prince Lodin and The Kinfolk being held hostage.

Marty rushes into the basement of the old Visitor Center to catch The Prince’s men by surprise and before they can organize.
The Pariah yells to Trent about Security and turns into a Bat and flies off.
Frankie has been hit hard with a Chainsaw.
Marty has gouged off half of Laurent’s neck leaving Laurent knocked down and Frenzying.
Bobby comes rushing with a very special silver sword and two guards with phosphate dragon breath rounds.
Trent seems to have a new power at his disposal.

…….and two Ghouls with flamethrowers (one attentively standing by and one just fallen down).



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