DC By Night

Marty's Story

Marty sat on the couch. Feeling groggy, he tries to wake up for the evening. Smiling at Tiffany who is in the kitchen at the sink, Marty attempts to forget about the Daymare again….but deep down He knew it was actually more of a flashback.

[He was enclosed in a pitch black cell when the door creaks open and light shines in. Marty spies the terrified middle aged man shaking in the corner of the cell while

Milo with his hat in his hand peaks his head into the cell. “Alright Marty”, Milo begins sympathetically as he rolls his eyes “unfortunately for you, you are free to go. Your are going to be on your own.” Marty had heard the mumblings of a heated debate going on outside the cell. Although he couldn’t hear what was said, he had assumed it was about him, their latest member. Apparently Milo had lost the debate. “I’m going to bring you back to the city,” Milo continued shaking his head at Marty, “and then, over time, the city is going to eat you up until there is nothing left”.]

“So I drove by Will’s house today. Whatever the expansion project is going to be, it seems to really be coming along”, Tiffany called over to Marty. At the sink, Tiffany was in the process of skinning a large Brown Fur Rex Rabbit. “You get really cold in the winter right? I’ll make you all fur hats.” “It’s good the house will be ready soon, cause I want him out of here soon” she whispers across the room to her brother lowering her voice as she scanned the area to make sure Bobby had not woken yet. "He was feeding off the rabbits, telling Mary that he was going to “Turn Them” into Vampire bunnies. It was upsetting her, but he thought it was funny. It apparently did not work. But then Bobby posed the dead rabbits so that they were biting each other’s necks. Even leaving blood for effect!" A few minutes later after removing the lucky rabbits feet, Tiffany spoke again. “You know Marty, he was Delusional.” “Bobby?”, Marty asked. “No, Will.” “He really believed he was doing you, Trent, and Franklin a favor.” “I still miss him, so I guess part of me really did love him. But he was so misguided.” “I know he is still out there because I have not become bonded to you or Mary yet.” “That’s how it works right?” “Yes, I have been having some of Mary’s Vitae….that’s why I have not asked you recently.” “So I guess Mary and I have entered a symbiotic relationship.” “Now each of Will’s, Mary’s, and your respective clans…or bloodlines, specialize in the power called Presence right?”, Tiffany asked Marty. “Interesting”, Tiffany pondered.



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