DC By Night

Digging in the Dirt

Kill Will Volume II

Due to the effects of the Werewolf Vitae surging in Frankie’s veins, he flips out on his brothers after learning they knew the location of Dieter Kleist and were keeping it from him.

The Kimball’s are once again visited by The Pariah, and hesitatingly agree join him in his quest to save the lives of dozens of human kinfolk taken hostage by the Prince and to bring down Lodin. The Pariah explains that the visions had by Frankie under the effects of Werewolf blood were indeed real. A former Celestine God, known as Jupiter, is bonded to the Faunum. The spirit of Jupiter is now being corrupted and destroyed due to the successful invasion a group of evil werewolves known as the Black Spiral Dancers. Marty declines joining his brothers, and The Pariah, to dig up Dieter’s burial site so that The Pariah may learn of Prince Lodin’s loction. Dieter reports that The former visitor center and supply building at The Mount Vernon Estate, Former home of President George Washington, is under the Prince’s Control and would be his best guess as the were Lodin could be hiding all the kinfolk as it is large enough and outside the City limits.

At The Pariah’s suggestion, Dieter is staked again and left in his casket.

Trent receives a visit from Quasimodo who delivers him a pigeon from Khalid. Quasi informs Trent that Khalid offers his assistance in hiding Trent’s tracks on the quest that Trent is seriously contemplating undertaking.



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