DC By Night

The Pendulum

Lodin's Mount Vernon Estate

(after spending blood to heal) Trent becomes conscious and finds himself being carried.

He his jolted and becomes aware that it is Frankie that is carrying him and that Frankie just walked into the Grandfather clock smashing it.

Frankie is also carrying Marty and the silver sword that Bobby had taken from “Michael Smith”.

Trent asks to be put down and feels the pangs of hunger and becomes aware of the blooded dead bodies of Lodin’s Ghouls and his cousin bobby.

Trent feeds and gains back 6 blood points as Frankie presses him to hurry, informing him that their is a bomb about to go off in less than 2 minutes.

Marty also being jostled in Frankie’s arms awakens. Both Marty and Trent are informed by Frankie that Lodin took off down a secret passage in the back of his office and down a spiral staircase.

Also that he saw the Pariah again, who killed Bobby and then disappeared into the clock.

With Trent not having time to heal, and slowing down his brothers, Frankie insists on carrying Trent out of the building. On their way out of the building they encounter multiple families, around 77 people, who are escaping their captivity and also running out of the building to safety.

Within a minute of exiting the building the same way they came in, multiple explosions collapse the building. All of the traumatized kinfolk families appear to have made it outside in time as well.

Where is Lodin? Is he going to retaliate? Where is the Pariah? What is the deal with this sword? So many questions……..


(Does Trent still have “special blood” in his system after healing?)

We were chatting about finishing up by playing on Tuesday the 22nd if this works for you. (Could be the last session.)



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